We only accept poetry concerning disability by two groups: disabled individuals themselves, and those who are part of the disability community such as a family member, caregiver, special educator, or in some way connected to the community.

Submit one (1) to three (3) poems.  Poems must concern a disability.

In your cover letter, include your name, mailing address, email address, disability, or connection to the disability community, and website, if applicable. Tell us a bit about yourself and your disability, how you found Pentimento, and the title(s) of your poem(s).  Also in the cover letter, include another paragraph of biography material, written in third person, eighty-five (85) words or less.  In the bio, briefly list publications, other credits, and awards, if applicable.  Please also state your disability or your connection to the community in your bio.  

Your actual submission should be your poem(s) in ONE document, each poem on a separate page within the document. The title of your entry uploaded to Submittable should be your first and last name, date of entry, and the words “poetry submission”.

On each page of the submission itself, include a header with the author’s name, disability, or connection to the community, your complete mailing address, email address, and date of the entry.

We require submissions in Microsoft Word (.doc) or (.docx), single-spaced in 12-point plain font such as Times, Times New Roman, or Courier.