The Readers’ Pen is a space in the magazine devoted to first-person writing by our readers on a particular topic.  The topic may be broadly interpreted, and submissions must be a true story with a disability-related theme.

Submissions may be heavily edited, and contributors can approve or disapprove of the changes prior to publication.

Topics for The Readers’ Pen are as follows:         

TOPIC                          DEADLINE                PUBLICATION DATE
Work                          March 31, 2015                Summer 2015
Education                   Sept. 30,  2015              Winter 2015/2016


Submissions may be submitted as “Name Withheld,” and we may choose not to publish an author’s name.

In the cover letter, please include the author’s name, address, email, disability, or connection to the disability community. We require that uploaded submissions be saved as Microsoft Word (.doc) or (.docx) files, single-spaced, and in a 12-point font such as Times, Times New Roman, or Courier.